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Every business and every campaign is different

Do you manage your own campaings in Google/Bing?

Do you want to:

  • increase your revenue?
  • enjoy better results?
  • restore a previously successful campaign?
  • fast track your PPC skills?
  • support your SEO team with expert paid search advice?

Or maybe your campaigns are managed by an in-house team.

Do you want to:

  • help them be more successful?
  • get a second opinion about how your ads are performing?
  • squeeze even more money from you campaigns?
  • help your team members reverse failing campaigns?
  • adjust strategy to deal with new competitors?
  • find out what how automation can help your team manage the account more profitably?
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A Manchester based PPC agency

Exceptional results at an affordable cost. On average 30% increase in ROI after 90 days.


The devil most certainly is in the detail. And it’s campaign detail that we sift for clues. A forensic analysis of your campaign settings, your conversion funnel. Of everything.

We’ll review your keywords, keyword match types, ad groups, ad copy, bids, negative keywords, geolocation, remarketing and display campaign settings.

And once we have a crystal clear understanding of your performance – we’ll overlay it against your competitors’. The best and worst aspects of their strategy informing yours.

Action Plan/Training

Once we’ve gathered and analysed the data we’ll present it to your team. A report, a consultation you choose. Either way we’ll use the opportunity to share the precious insights that we’ve gathered.

The secrets of improved campaign success concealed in your data. Then we’ll show you how to manage and monitor your campaigns to make more money.


An action plan is worthless without careful implementation and evaluation.

That’s why we check your improvements after the first two months.

Two months during which we’ve been able to collect the important data to help us make more informed, educated settings adjustments.

Erno Horvath Our Lead PPC Consultant

Erno Horvath

Erno has been managing successful PPC campaigns for almost a decade. MD of a Hungarian web development agency for 3 years, he’s an ecommerce expert as well as specialist in developing great looking, highly profitable online stores and managing profitable SEO and SEM campaigns.

In 2012 Erno moved to the UK to join IT Security company, Comodo (the largest SSL Certificate Authority in the world) as SEM and in-house PPC campaign manager.


Frustrated at the lack of honest and knowledgeable PPC agencies and PPC consultants Optimum Click Ltd was started at the beginning of 2016 to help business achieve genuine commercial advantage.

Less a question of whether Erno and his team can help your business make more money. More a question of how.

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