Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. Is it really possible to double sales over the next 12 months?

    Yes it is. But of course, it depends. It depends on many things. What we do guarantee is a 20-30% increase on gross revenue after the first three months. Not a bad start in anyone’s book. The real wins, the big profits are often concealed beyond just adding and deleting keywords or writing new ad copy. A system as dynamic and sophisticated as paid search demands a dynamic and sophisticated approach to unlock the genuine value of your campaign. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

    Here’s an example: a 10% increase in average order value (perhaps we’ve deployed a recommendation system or have bundled a targeted upsell). That’s a 10% addition to the value of sales from Adwords, and we even haven’t touched any of your Adwords campaigns.

  2. 2. Why are you different?

    We’ve already seen that often PPC agencies stop using a good keyword because their automatic bidding software tells them to. A poor decision based on poor analysis – the failure to identify an incorrect landing page. People searched for product X but the landing page sold Y. Little wonder there were zero conversions and that keyword was blocked forever. All for lack of a proper understanding.

    And it’s our performance based fees guaranties that mean drive us to continually strive for the very best results. The faster you make money, the faster we make money. And the more money you make? The more money we make. So of course we’re constantly searching for new opportunities, deploying the latest techniques and applying campaign insights to grow your business. A case of optimising the whole sales process not just your PPC campaigns.

    Sales funnel bottlenecks? We’ll spot them and unblock them.

  3. 3. If you don't do SEO how can I improve my SEO

    We’ll work closely with your SEO team (if you don’t have one we can make recommendations) so they can focus on the most profitable keywords.

    Exceptional results can only be delivered if one can work and focus on only one thing, we do great PPC campaigns but we let others do great SEO for you.

  4. 4. How do you plan to increase sales?

    Successful PPC is all about successful targeting, targeting the terms that make the biggest profits and ‘forgetting the rest’.

    If the Number 1 ad position returns good ROI we’ll target it. But it’s a careful balance – the highest traffic means the highest cost too. 1st position is often not the best position in terms of ROI.

    But if that’s not viable we can look at other positioning, the traffic flowing through lower positions that might deliver a better cost benefit. And where 2, 3 or 4 aren’t delivering we can target traffic based on ‘other patterns’ with ads on position 5-9. It’s a unique three-layer method. Three opportunities to maximise profit.

  5. 5. What is a reasonable ROI for my account?

    It depends. On a whole range of matters; your margins, your operational costs etc.

    We’ve worked with clients where ROI 3 was good. We’ve also worked with clients with ROI was 0 as the project priority was to focused on customer acquisition. Ideally though you should target gross revenue and life-time value rather than short term ROI.

    Long term benefits dependent of building a solid, high quality ‘list’. A customer database that often evolves from smaller PPC inspired transactions and can be nurtured using smart email marketing (at a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords/Bing) to deliver stronger sales funnels and better average customer value through upsells and more profitable products.

    Of course ROI is important but so to is strategic business building and healthy sustainable profits. Healthy and sustainable profits that you can build as you build your database.

  6. 6. Can you increase the ROI month-by-month? Every month?

    No. That’s unrealistic. Some months are better than others. For a whole range of reasons – most of them beyond your control. The weather, the economy, etc.

    What we will do is to calibrate your campaigns to maximise every opportunity to make the maximum possible return from your paid search investment – whatever the circumstances.

  7. 7. When do you think you can achieve the goals?

    First things first we’ll need to set up the campaign. To build it on rock. On the research, the insights, the strategy and the corrections of any existing campaign that will deliver results on a longterm basis. PPC campaign management is an ongoing process.

    It doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we give it three months before making our first performance comparisons. Time spent becoming familiar with your market, your audience and your products and services.

    And the more data we collect, the deeper our analysis. Learning that never ends as new products and services are added, new markets targeted..

  8. 8. How can we help you?

    In many ways. More than you might imagine. First of all we need to establish a point of contact at your company. Someone who we can both report to and who can support us with the information we’ll need. We’ll also need a list of your competitors, our specialist PPC software monitoring their campaigns and using that information to drive your competitive advantage.

    We’ll develop a close understanding of your products and promotions, their benefits and the ways those benefits might appeal to your clients. Then we can design suitable ads and banners. Our commitment to your success is absolute. But we can’t help you succeed without your help. From your e-commerce to UX to Conversion Rate Optimisation, to making sure that we have access to your Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Tools and SEO team it’s important that we work together.

  9. 9. What reports will I get to monitor performance?

    You choose. Access your account at any time and have the information you want. From detailed 20 page reports to instant profit and revenue snapshots we’ll give your data as you want it, when you want it.

    So whether it’s a basic 30 day keyword conversions or placement domains or a full report the choice is yours.

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