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The New, Fair, Money Making PPC Model

Looking to implement a new PPC campaign?

Then know this. Most agencies will charge you a %age of your budget to optimise your campaigns. That’s normal. And of course, being professionals they’ll optimise them to a (hopefully) decent level. But ask yourself… why would any PPC agency spend precious time and resources drilling deep into performance when they don’t have to? When you’re only paying them for upfront work and not the results? When you’re paying them on input not output?

Already running a PPC campaign?

Then we can improve it. And why wouldn’t we? The more money you make the healthier our service fee. The classic win/win. Our eagle-eyed PPC managers (not literally, that would be weird) will hunt down every little problem across your campaigns. Every little problem overlooked by other agencies with no vested interest in identifying them – the oversights and missed opportunities that mean your campaigns are leaking cash.

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